Looking for a Bowflex Home Gym, eh?

Yeah, I don’t blame you. Until I got my Bowflex home gym, I was tired of getting sand kicked in my face at the beach.

In fact, I didn’t want to go to the beach at all with my skinny arms and legs and chicken chest.

All that changed when I got my Bowflex home gym setup.

Of course, no one really did kick sand in my face, but I felt like it would happen as soon as I showed up with my girlfriend.

Actually, my incentive to get a Bowflex home gym was due to my girlfriend kicking sand in my face.

Well, she didn’t actually do that, but she told me I was too skinny as she was gawking at all the guys with muscles, strutting around.

Bowflex Home Gym Plus A Little Incentive Gets Results Fast

She might as well have kicked sand in my face.  But, that was it, I decided to get a Bowflex home gym and show everyone I was no pushover.

I went from lightweight pushover to pushups to heavy bench presses. It was a heck of lot of hard work, but man is that Bowflex home gym smooth exercise.  Once you get used to it, you don’t want to stop, you’ll love the feeling of being tightened up.

And you don’t need spotters with a bowflex home gym setup. I can do bench presses so heavy the weight would crush my chest if I tried it by myself, without a spotter, with a weight lifting set and dropped it.

But, with a Bowflex home gym set I can use any weight I want safely and smoothly.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy.  That’s the point.  The Bowflex home gym makes you work, but it’s so safe and smooth.  No worries about crushing your wind pipe with a barbell across the neck.

Bowflex Home Gym Workouts Get Big Muscles Hard

It took me about three months to see some amazing results.  Actually, I could see results right away with the Bowflex home gym, but it was nothing to show anyone else yet.

It was too little, but that wasn’t the point.  I could see it, that’s what counted.  I knew as soon as saw the immediate results, I mean I saw it within days.  That told me it was working and I new it was just a matter of time, as long as I kept at it with the Bowflex home gym exercise equipment.

That was the incentive I needed.  That made all the hard work worth it.  And, man, it really is hard work. Bench presses, flys, military presses, tricep work, curls, rowing, if you don’t do the work, you don’t get the results.

But, the Bowflex home gym makes the hard work easier.  At least it seems easier and perception is everything.  With the Bowflex home gym, you can litterly feel your muscles harden.

All the hard work seems like nothing when you compare it to the hardness of your new musculature.  What a great feeling.

Get Yourself a Bowflex Home Gym and Get Started Now

Just get your own Bowflex home gym, use it three or four times a week until your muscles are dead tired and just watch them grow and harden before your eyes.

My ex-girfriend is now regretting she’s an ex, but that was her idea four months ago.

I’m too busy to worry about her anymore, there just seems to be ten times as many pretty girls around as their used to be.  I’ve even got a few of them coming around to workout with me on the Bowflex home gym.

Not bad, huh? :)